2016 - 2017

Setting our design site at Hauptplatz main plaza in Graz, we started our experimental exploration. To start from the title, we put design focus on “stories” and information sharing. Through around 4 months work, a series of experimental work have been tested, through which we developed several different interventions on site to engage public to have interaction with the site and generate new stories.The installation we produced aims to involve public and share information( travel places, travel experiences,etc.)
As for the experiment in architecture design process, Graz is a site, an opportunity for us to test new ideas. Our experiment process is a test of communication, interaction and techniques and different situations and results may exist based on different site. So this experimentation may not solve any problems, but it can help us find new problems and also give new ideas to other design work.

After the first stage of exploration and review, each of us put emphasis on the experiment of what could be the better way to involve public, how can the intervention facilitate the interaction between people and site.

In the design process, narrative as design strategy is used to analyze and illustrate our research process, the timeline of artifacts, the way of public’s occupation and interaction, etc. In addition, physical prototyping and material computing are also used to assist experimental design. As our key point is the interaction between people and site, so the experimental design method here is interactive.

site analysis:

precedent study:

first stage explorations:

individual experimental work:

No.1: Catalyst of participatory action