2016 - 2017

Marigha is a village in Upper Atlas Mountain which suffer infrastructure services with low income villagers who seek for employment opportunities at nearest cities. Within current situation, investors and developers came to village, introducing them self as developer and making private investment either totally private or as our site situation which stat with pavement and putting infrastructure road within electricity stations nodes in site full of Olive trees without knowing what to do with these trees. They are seeking a site that gives a sustain profit with help of the village. Since the village location in Atlas Mountain with magnificent views, the project tend toward to tourism theme that will attract more tourists and granted profit. Marigha have high potentials to be gate of change in Atlas Mountain. Marigha depends on Agricultural and Agricultural Product more than 75%. Even the villagers in their interview were caring about agricultural more than anything else, not caring about the developing plan for site, each have his own dream. The main theme for them is they need opportunities for employments and a sustain income for their families. Production theme is getting stronger from this aspect. But it is not only about production and increasing it and achieving a project help them to increase the products. It’s also about the people who are living in this place, their education, their quality life and their desires for future. Which could said in a word “Awareness”, it may start with increasing the awareness in village but this to happen need more knowledge. A catalytic intervention will be taken as approach for multi intervention with all these disciplines, having tourism as for approach of attracting more interaction and conserving the village with a development which sustain with current ecosystem they have.