2016 - 2017

First of all because the whole site condensed commercial areas, government agencies, transportation hubs and other important urban functions, so the whole block Site traffic in this site is very large, and the flow rate is very fast. However, this big site is not able to provide people with the rest of the area. Pedestrians can only sit on the steps of sculpture. Small traders also only provide tables for customers who buy food, customers can only stand to enjoy food. The chair and rest area seems to be the most needed part of the site.

At the same time, this site has no plants, in the design of urban landscape we can not only pay attention to the function but also need to think about ecological sustainability and eco-friendly, the plants can make the site more abundant, and full of vitality.

We propose new urban landscape-responsive landscape system to recreate the public space to address the shortage of rest place and enhance the environment quality, broader civic participation.3D model prototype and VR will be able to explore, design, and construct landscape prototypes in our design process to test our idea in virtual environments and physical material.Through this project we try to explore the potential to create flexible and adaptable spatial or social conditions.