2016 - 2017

Honorable Space:

Our group theme is honorable space. For the concept of honor, we are based on the three basic attributes of each player in scenario game. At first, we just wanted to describe other attributes other than health and money using an abstract concept like honor. With the recording of the game process and subsequent analysis of the results, we find that the honor attributes of refugees are closely related to the activity space in their daily lives. For example, the transformation of caravan by refugees is the embodiment of their sense of belonging in honor.

The daily life of the refugees is various and we just want to have a small summary of these different activities space through the different honor. It would help us find some possible and potential problems. Then we would try our best to transform and to improve their temporary homes.

Scenario game map
Game result analysis_Distance
Game result analysis
A story

Player A has a small shop in his home, due to it is the only shop nearby and has a long distance to main streets , he always has a hot business. Some goods sold out last night , he need to purchase in commercial street this day.

Honor and Space