2016 - 2017

As a kind of catalytic intervention, it should be a leverage point, which is a place within a complex system - be it a company, an economy, a living body, an eco-system, where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything. (Meadow, 1997) In the past, architects and planners have sought to transform environments through comprehensive development and master planning. Such tools rarely bring forth sustainable outcomes (Burns, 1999). Instead, how to understand existing settlements is critical to understanding where is the best point to intervene. Frequent interventions, a small scale can have positive outcomes, far out of proportion to resource expended. Meadows (1997) asks people to pay attention to enhancing what is already successful; enabling, strengthening and acting on information flows; interacting with new forms of the civic structure; questioning constantly basic aims and objectives. The project will be proposed in terms of a hypothesis – a program or brief.
It is worth to think that how will the village(s) will be under the influences of the project?

What will change for local residents and visitors after the intervention?