2016 - 2017

Each project has about six design strategies. One of your design strategies must be narrative. Narrative design is creating key scenarios explaining in detail the activities and interactions with your project. If you are experimenting with narrative explain how you think people will behave and how you can test this.

1.Stories and narratives. It’s one important part in our topic – concept of transient culture. We need to explore Graz’s historical background, especially about the square. The things that are happening on the square is also what we need to observe, record and narrate.
2.Patterns of behaviour. The transient culture is closely related with people’s behaviour which could combine narrative part.
3.Open data. Due to we only been visited the site once, maybe some data need to grab from the freely available websites and reorganize them for our own use.
4.Mapping. Our project could not only focus on the square, but also with transient culture of whole Graz. Mapping helps us to analyse the physical environment surrounded the site.
5.Assembly: The transient culture here is multiple and we try to organize them together.