2016 - 2017

Domestic space and negotiation

Our studio project focuses on the refugee camp called Zaatari. Zaatari camp locates very close to the border between Syria and Jordan, about 3 kilometers. The camp was built in July 2012 aiming to house those displaced refugees from Syria.

Scenario Game

Based on the field trip, research and the data we collected, we make a scenario game aims to predict, simulate and experience the possible situation in this camp. It can be the current situation and also the outlook for future, which can help us find some problems and issues, as well as lead to further analysis and design.
We chose district 5 6 7 as a game board. We set up 4 players based on the refugees we interviewed.
After 12 rounds, we got some scenarios about the camp, how their routes changed because of agents.
As a result, we found some problems and issues in refugee’s daily life.


We draw the development of caravan and how caravan expanded. According to the game and our interview, we also drawing the scenario about how a mam’s caravan expanded in a few year. With the expansion of their own caravans, many small communities appeared in camp. In small communities, we find some problems influence the space and drawing the scenario of them. -- experimenting .jpg -- experimenting .jpg  -- experimenting .jpg  -- experimenting .jpg  -- experimenting .jpg  -- experimenting .jpg