2016 - 2017

Make time public

The site is a square in Graz in Austria. And the theme of our design is making time public with strategies in experimental architecture.

From the observation of tram in the square, we found that there will be one tram arrived every 1.5min. The rhythm of life is fast and the public seems to forget their daily life in Graz. Besides, there are different people in the square such as children, teenagers and the elderly. So we'd like to make time public, allowing various people to enjoy their life again.

This design is divided into 3 parts which represent the process of growth of trees respectively to present time running. And based on the culture (music) in Graz, the design also can be seen as an interactive music studio to create and play music. Then, as an experimental architecture, solar energy is applied in the design. In addition, the architecture will have memory with some devices which can record people's voice. When people come back in future, they will hear from a massage from the past. So that we would like to make time public, make life public.
location location.jpg
Site location
Concept section.jpg
Site section
aerial view of design model.jpg
Draft model