2016 - 2017



Lost & Found

Sheffield is a dynamic and vibrant city with an ever changing urban grain. Pockets of the urban fabric can become disconnected and consequently forgotten, neglected and perhaps even lost. The Spirit of Sheffield is inspiration, invention and creativity, through this productive vitality the city thrives.

The goal of the studio is to document, analyse, and propose alternative futures for selected sites within the city. Working in groups, we will record tangible and intangible aspects of the urban built environment. Our studio focuses on concepts and techniques of digital design, and we will employ multiple methods of site analysis based on data types such as images, sound, video, and geometry. The studio will focus on a range of themes related to identity, nationality, boundaries, and the democracy of space, investigating the multiple scales at which these concepts operate.

Prototypes will be used as a means of gathering data related to the site while transforming the surroundings through a designed response to the environment. Research by design methods will be employed to produce an artefact (or artefacts) to add value to, re-invigorate or catalyse a lost and forgotten space or spaces in Sheffield. The artefact can be an intervention in any media including the physical, virtual, and conceptual.

Four teams were created and assigned a specific theme. Each theme represents a way of understanding the city and implies a range of methods for conducting design-based research. The proposed themes are:

Knowledge space




Knowledge Space


Using Twitter Hashtags to collect data for mapping


Movement & Change

Locaion of key photographs using GoogleMap
Video analysis.
Complex route analysis
Questionnaire. Complex data analysis.
Parametric modelling using DIGImap data.
Wind analysis
Process thinking for our artifact design
Mapping by Walking: Trying to understand the site and it values
Pictorial representation of reasons why rivers are visible in some parts of Sheffield and hidden in others Sidney Street (1).jpg
understanding surrounding spatial functions
Photogrammetry representation of site Sheffield
Sheffield Lost Rivers Sheffield Sheffield and surround-01.jpg scale map-01.jpg
important spots
view of the site model.jpg
exploration trip