2016 - 2017

Museums for Cultural Sustainability and Resilience:
Exploring Physical and Virtual Itineraries for Public Engagement

This project invites you to explore the concept of museums in the 21st Century as sites of physical and virtual public engagements and cultural understanding. It invites you to map Sheffield museums with the aim of developing virtual and physical itineraries for increased visibility and opportunities of public engagement.

In addition, virtual twinning with other museums such as the National railway museum in York, the science museum in Manchester or the Beatle story in Liverpool are to be explored and developed where and when appropriate.

You are invited to work in groups of four to five students to map Sheffield museums and select one of them as your case study. You need to develop an understanding of the role museums play in the context of cultural sustainability and map the different forms of engagement your chosen museum currently have with the public. A SWOT analysis needs to be carried out in order to address the identified weaknesses and threats. This needs to be achieved through scenario making and the development of physical and virtual installations to enhance public engagement with a variety of visitors and create new visibility, accessibility and interaction with other museums in Sheffield, the UK and overseas. Island Museum-SWOT Analysis_v2.jpg Island Museum-Interial Space_v2.jpg Island Museum-interaction_v2.jpg Island Museum-Strategy_v2.jpg Island Museum-Scenario_v2.jpg Island Museum-Scenario.jpg Island Museum-Scenario_v2.jpg Island Museum-Scenario_v2.jpg Island Museum-Twinning_v2.jpg Island Museum-Surroundings_v3.jpg Island Museum-Location_v4.jpg Island Museum-exhibits_v3.jpg Island Museum-History_v7.jpg Island Museum-Cultural Sustainability_v11.jpg B - Reflection on Arch_ Design  .jpg Collection.jpg Page.jpg Gallery 05.png Gallery 04.png Gallery 03.png Gallery 02.png Gallery 01.png Gallery-Reflection on Arch_ Design.png valley.jpg line.jpg industry path.jpg