2016 - 2017


The Brief

This project explores photography and how we construct and frame images. It also explores the specific relationship of the history of photography to the once very fashionable resort of Scarborough.

Through our designs, we must provide an appropriate architectural response to this rich, but currently uncelebrated local photographic history.

To Be Answered

- What kind of new facility would be most appropriate to celebrate and allow people to engage with this history?
- Do the existence of smartphones mean that we are all photographers today?
- What will entice the Instagram generation to look at the rich photographic history that Scarborough offers?
- Should a centre for studying pictures be created, or a place for creating pictures?
- How would the proposed designs contribute to Scarborough’s urban regeneration?
- Besides attracting Scarborough’s numerous visitors, what can it offer to local people, schools and colleges?
- Are these tiny sites enough to regenerate a whole town?
- In What ingenious way can these sites help to lay foundation for the regeneration of the town?
- Should we architecturally curb or enhance the characteristics of our chosen sites?
- Do we need a public space to regenerate Scarborough (as proposed in the document "Kissing Sleeping Beauty")?
- How can photography be used to regenerate Scarborough?
- From whose perspective should the site be narrated?
- Who are the users who will populate the sites? history of Scarborough 1.jpg history of Scarborough.jpg of the site.jpg