2016 - 2017

Marigha Journey Through Development A challenge for a better Future

The experimentation process will take another type of project moving from museums to rural area at north Africa. searching for a sustain cultural and how it could be achieved.

Experimentation here based on knowing the discipline of village from actors and agents to achieve this and help in experiment the current situation and within future 10 years , a scenario game was been achieved which conclude different factor helped in putting the keystone of our scenarios

Project Brief:

A development in 21st century need to consider different discipline, most importantly is the existing cultural with understanding the way of living. This will be studied under the concept of Cultural Sustainability, also raising the tourism role in this development and how it connected with climate change.

A journey to Moroccan village at Atlas mountain was made to investigate the current situation. Mapping through walking and other tools was made to realize more and more about the village and villagers, defining the agents and actors who play role in selected village. Putting different questions to define what is main themes and how they could contribute in village. Further scenario will be done to understand more village and define the starting point based on bottom up strategy in development.

The Village in Atlas Mountains is called ‘Marigha’, a Struggling village in middle of Upper Atlas Mountain. The main issue facing Marigha is Unemployment with low income class trying to compete with 21st desires. The main production in this village could be said Olive production. From this point, Production will be taken as main theme in this essay to understand the village from it. Starting from the definition to its connectivity with Education and Health. 2-13.jpg 2-15.jpg 2-14.jpg