2016 - 2017

In the studio project, the mapping is used as an approach to assembling information, such as the integration of productions, existing buildings, surrounding activities and tourism potential, site mapping within the whole studio and network mapping to summarize the research process. Drawing and mapping are adapted to record, analysis and represent that information and connection between themselves. Besides, the materials, structure, labor and management all should be taken into considering before design stage. The field trip, the internet, literature and the communication with the stakeholders are the source of information. The reliability and comprehensive degree of the information could make a critical difference in design. Due to the complexity and interdisciplinary of the architectural project, the representation and communication skills suggest a quite crucial position. On the one hand, those affect the output within the architectural project itself, on the other hand, influence the understanding of amateurs. This is a challenge for combine research and application. 2-16.jpg 2-19.jpg 2-17.jpg
Key words for research
Example of research