Personal Statement:

Generally Site, Response and Make are three different parts of design methodology, but they are not existing separately. Sometimes they integrated together in different orders. During the whole process of designing these three parts interact with each other at different stages, in which case every part varies in reflection of other’s change.
When considering about Site, I am always concern about the culture issues of the site as well as physical ones. I prefer the point that the entire physical phenomenon could reflect and contain the social and culture information. So I try to discover them in some creative ways or from some creative perspective, such as, for example, making an event, mapping some behaviors or routes, connect and overlapping different things together. By doing these, sometimes I could let myself observe the site from a special prospective and get several interesting information surprisingly.
I have several approaches for responding to a site according the result I got from a site. But basically I usually consider myself as different roles of the site and try to think what do other participants response to the site. I try to create a real situation that the participant will experience and let myself to experience then get the response naturally. By understanding responses from different roles I mix them together and try to solve all the conflicts and key points. Additionally I change the scale of site and make a lot of things such as sketches, models, writings, drawings or some other less relevant things to stimulate me to have more fresh response.
I personally think Make as a formal way of presenting my response to a site. Since make can be a product as well as a process, when struggling with how to express ideas of response, there are still lots of interaction between Make and Response. Because I consider Make as a milestone of the whole process rather than a endpoint, even when the building is built. So drawing, modeling, constructing and other forms of making are important to me. According to different project and different scale I prefer different approaches.