This section was the first part of the Design Methodologies Module. In this section we studied a series of apporaches to site surveying. Site then contributed to the later steps of the design process which are Response and Make. Through creative site surveys Architects can design a greater experiential experience for the users of the site.

Site Workshop: 17.02.09

Personal Site Statements

Samples of Individual Studio Site Survey's:


My site survey methods include measuring and photographing, the calculation of people flow, and the interviewing of the people. The measuring results helped me to understand the physical features of the site, the calculation of the people helped me to understand the changing situation on the site in one day and at the same time the interviewing made me understand the social condition of the site well. The site survey informed how I approached the site and the design.


From my view in the design of architecture, the study of site should combine with the interactional relationship between variational elements. This is more essential in the urban area, where the sites are closely connected with the areas around, both physical and social environments.The above images are the ideas of the site when I faced the Thames. The site reflects me as a passing traveller.





Site is a performance stage. On the stage; architect, designer, engineer, client, neighbour, all play their roles and create a story which is called architecture. The performance is a non-stop story which is changing all the time. To take part in it, it is essential to recognise where to stand, what to play, who to perform to, and how to act.


We found as a group that there are many different ways of site surveying. We all approach our site differently; based on our interest, studio frameworks and information required. The ideas of our sites are continually progressing during the development of the programme. Reflecting our roles as designers, we realise the importance of a clear strategy and setting up limitations before going to the site. Therefore, we understand that preliminary research is essential for gaining information and refining them into a development strategy.