Site Statement

A site needs to be fully understood to allow for a design to take shape on it and reflect its surroundings. Site can be surveyed through a variety of means, with reference to examples such as geographical and historical background. An anecdotal survey allows you to understand a site from a user’s perspective and allow for a more in depth personal analysis that you wouldn’t necessarily find out through the normative approach to surveying. However there is need for more than one surveying approach to it. Even though there is a need to move away from Traditional mapping techniques to more experiential surveys it is still essential to also perform traditional normative site surveying as well.

Site is a context that architecture works within. It can starts from a piece of land that grows, radiates and trancends its physical boundaries. Site could reflect the world, and the world could reflect in a site. This is because each site contains non-physical value, such as people minds and memories, that don't have any physical barriers. The locality in every site, the genius loci, lies in every small part of the site. Every contour, steps and plants. every historical facts, every events. Because nature affects people and people affect nature, in a circle, in a hoop that never ends.

Whether it is empty or not, it doesn’t matter. Site would never be neutral since people have inhabited the earth. Site is an existence born from context. Site contains obscure information, but if once, analysis methods are conducted, site would reveal its information only responding to that particular method. Although site would answer a question, site tends to show information only relating to that question.
Thus, we architects are interviewer, site is interviewee.

A site is like a person which has its own stories, memories and
histories. Architects should treat a site as a 'friend'. The more
you meet the 'friend', the more friendship would be and the more
stories the 'friend' will tell you.

Site contains much informations about what has happened and what is going to happen.It is like a trigger, you can imagine yourself as a native, a resident or a traveller, exploring the unlimited potentials.

Site is a constantly changing field which is influencing by every teeny-weeny, tiny subject surrounds it.
Site is a dynamic system which always accepts new subjects by absorbing, and tries to reach another balance.
All in all, site is like a bubble which reflects the pressure around it and varies into different shapes, keeping balance. You can see one side of the 'bubble' but if you want to explore more, you need to provoke other approaches to show you the site from different angles.