Design Methodologies Statement:

From 'Site' section
- 'space in connection to social relations, place as a single articulation of the spatial and site as a performed place.’ Rendell, Jane, Art and Architecture: place between

- Mapping (statistic, physical, mind mapping etc)
Mapping is divided into two stages. First stage would take place before seeing site, and second stage would be conducted after seeing site. Mapping is one of good way to curve what you start looking from the site. This leads to framework.

From 'Response' section
- workshop with playing, experimenting
Workshop can evoke unexpected/good feedback and it is opportunity to engage people and surrounding buildings. This makes distance between designer and the site close. As a result, it becomes possible to find something you haven't ever noticed.

- sketching out initial 'image' or 'abstract' from 'Site'.
Initial visual image of your idea. In this stage, fuzzy image/emotion is cast into paper for the first time.

From 'Make' section
-Technical detail concern / Technology
This is because my previous practice is manly about detail concern.My knowledge is still inadequate to think whole building, but this notion gives me a sort of integration with pure idea and practical limitation(could be not limitation but breakthrough.)

-Sketching (intentionally sketching)
The nature of sketches in this section is different from previous 'Response' section.Previous stage's sketches are rather brainstorming. In this stage, to clarify ideas, sketching must be done intentionally.

-Concept Modeling
Concept modeling is always helpful. The modeling is real object: you can see, you can touch, you can push, you can break, you can twist, you can bend...etc

*Without any framework, it would be complete mess, no direction of design process. As Rem Koolhaas mentioned in his book S,M,LXL, it is necessary to define limitation. These limitation seems to be defined after site analysis. Here, frameworks would be some expectation about the potential project. The expectation works as a sort of criteria for results from 'response'.