Arc 555 Management + Practice Module

This module aims to help students understand the briefing process and its management in a changing world adressing the requirements of all teams involved in the design process. It also aims to get students to reflect on the nature of architectural practice based on a critical self-appraisal of their own experience.

Assignment 1 was to design a social enterprise. My group worked on topic about social cohesion. Sharrow district which is located in the South West of Sheffield is facing language barrier between English speaking people and the others. To solve this problem, the team got an idea 'exchanging culture through food/cooking'. Food is one of the thing expressing cultural background and generally speaking everyone has interested in food. While exchanging this cultural 'product', barrier between them would be removed and be improved social cohesion better.

Assignment 1: Social Enterprise Organisation

Assinment 2 and 3 are critical self analysis based on experience from Live Project.

Assignment 2 is group assessment of the project as responding questions:
a) three things that went really well
b) three things that could be done differently
c) three things that went wrong/ didn't work

Assignment 3 is focused on evaluation of:
a) briefing process throughout the project
b) team play strategy
c) communication method with client and stakeholder

Assignment 2: Live Project Group Submission

Assignment 3: A Critical Self-Appraisal of The Live Project