Studio: 07 Middlesbrough:

Studio 7 has based on Middlesbrough and Middlehaven which is the site for Alsop’s masterplan. We focus on exploring the specific inspect of the city rather than the whole mapping, seek to explore how modest method can have a meaningful impact. We manage to challenge typical ‘top down’ methods of materplanning and try to develop a more intimate and accommodating to ‘place making’.

Studio Projects:

1] Preconception & Postconception of Middlesbrough

2] Sugar rush

3] Recalibrate Exercise

4] 11x11 Connection Images

5] Connection project

6] Made for Middlesbrough

7]11 x 11 Thresholds/Edges Slides

8]11 x 11 Memories/Traces Slides

9]'What is Special about Middlesbrough?' Rendering

10]Threshold Project

11]Individual Project - Arts House Cinema