My Stance of Design Methdology:

Design Methodology consists of three interdependent parts – Site, Response and Make – which we define as a complete design process. This process has a certain sequences. Firstly you find or being given a site. After exploring and researching, you have response to it. Eventually, response converts to actually making something which will influence the site, changing the way of habitants’ living.

Among these three parts, Site is the most different from my past experience. As huge consumption of buildings and short design period in China, site survey seems simple and reductive. Site is no more than an OS map. Most of buildings are simply replicated. After studied this module, I understand the site is a container which included its history, story, culture etc. The more you explore these issues, the better result you could create. Through this process, explorer could do a playful survey such as holding an event to generate the creative inspiration which contribute to the coming process of Response and Make.

In my opinion, Response and Make relate to each other. Response is the purpose of Make, Make is container and consequence of response. In my past experience, the drawing or construction of building is only way of making. However, before generating the potential building, we could also create some intervention or installation to test the site. This kind of making contributes a lot to the final outcome.