Studio: 07 Middlesbrough:

Studio 07 has a history of exploring concepts of place and identity in locations undergoing change. This year, has been Middlesbrough, a town with a short history that grew rapidly due to its rich industrial heritage. This has resulted in a unique landscape, of dynamic skylines and industry, creating a unique sense of place and one that is entwined with its identity.

We focused our research on the human perspective of the town, focussing on street level rather than mapping. We accepted the need to work at various scales however we started our research focusing on the minutiae, gradually zooming out. Studio 07 is interested in exploring specific aspects that make Middlesbrough unique, placing emphasis on the anecdotal and individual and being cautious about generalising. In a place where so much of the past has been “rubbed out” it has become obvious to the studio that Middlesbrough’s urban fabric has become torn in places. The A66 slicing though this acts now along with the railway as a physical boundary between Middlehaven and Middlesbrough.

Studio Projects:

1] Middlesbrough Pre/Postconceptions

2] Sugar Cube Project

3] 11 x 11 Connection Slides

4] Recalibrate Exercises

5] Initial Site Visit

6] Collaborating our Findings from the Visit

7] Connections Project

8] MfM - Made for Middlesbrough Project

9] 11 x 11 Thresholds/Edges Slides

10] 'What is Special about Middlesbrough?' Personal/Group Renderings

11] 11 x 11 Memories/Traces Slides

12] Threshold Project - Albert Bridge

13] Memory Archive Project