Arc 555 Management + Practice Module:

This module looked into the different managment/communication strategies for working in groups. Two of the three assignments were based on the Live Project in which we had to self-reflect and group reflect on the groups management, communicaton and relationships (Assignment 1).

Assignment 2 was the group submission answering the following points:
1] 3 Elements of the Live Project that went well
2] 3 Elements of the Live Project that didnt work too well
3] 3 Elements of th Live Project that would do differently

Assignment 1: Reflective Essay about Live Project

Assignment 2: Live Project Group Submission

Assignment 3 was a seperate exercise in which as a group we had to come up with a viable social Enterprise scheme. We decided to design a non-profit business that would help homeless people. The facilities included the possiblity of renovating empty houses, whilst allowing the homeless people to gain experience and qualifications in the process. As well as giving them a home at the end of the scheme. The non-profit business will also have links with construction courses locally.

Assignment 3: Social Enterprise Organisation - Homelessness