Arc 554 Environment + Technology Module:

The Technology part of the course consists of a series of lectures exploring materiality/technology using sample case case studies. The Report below outlines the technical issues that arose in my final project: MIMArchiv - Middlesbrough's Interactive Memory Archive.

1] Technology Report Part 1

2] Technology Report Part 2

3] Technology Report Part 3

4] Technology Report Part 4

Feb 2009//Structural Workshop-Planar

A workshop exploring different ways to create a strong structure. Our group focussed on using Planar shapes to create a viable structural form.

Initial Experiements with Triangles  

Attaching of Triangles Together  

Tunnel of Triangle Components  

Finished Cardboard Example  

Finished Cardboard Example  

Making Chipboard Component  

Structural Joints of Triangles  

Top view of Section  

Final Object with Cardboard Example