Studio: 05 Shared Ground:

Studio 05 aim to critically examine the relationship between art and architecture and how art could extend architectural processes. We are looking on how the art practice could affect the architectural proposals that emerge from the knowledge gained from looking at historical and contemporary facts and conditions.

Our site is the River Thames from its source at Thameshead to its estuary at Southend-on-Sea. Art practice influence us on our way of exploring the stories, mysteries and desires of the river and the people within that later on would be transfered into a rich architecture.

Studio Projects:

1) Creative Survey
2) Extracting the Survey:Thames Wall
3) Exhibition with No Fixed Above
4) Thames Device: Friendly Thames Bridge
5) Strangest Place in Thames: Primitive Response
6) Changing Scale: Look for Details
7) Materiality
8) Envisioning the Hybrid District
9) Portfolio Samples