Making a Film: Conversation Between

Why film?

Film possesses a series of distinctive operations of ‘techne’ and projections that make it an independent art form[1] . These operations and projections bear the film maker message and produced in a certain way that is intended to influence its viewer with different sensation in comparison with drawings. My aim on using the film as tool is to represent the idea of architecture as comprehensible and approachable as possible, extend its boundary and allow the audience in Indonesia to think about architectural profession in more various ways. In regards with this project, it is also necessary to scrutinize the process of making a film as a way to widen the boundary of design methodology.

Disconnections, disconnections

The diagram above is a way of examining different relationships that happen between different parties that related to architecture world, both in Indonesia and in United Kingdom. Disconnections are widely happen, in both countries. However, in United Kingdom, more or less every party is connected with other party and fortitudes by the government with clear and specific regulations. Multiple connections between one party and another affect them to develop a relatively equal understanding and consequently will affect their way of thinking and their way of living. The result is groups of people in the community with each of them have a clear agenda and clear position in the society and the built environment.

However, there’s a lack of connections between each party with another, and the government’s role is not as highly crucial as it perhaps should be. The architectural practice is detached from artists and design community, which is the cause why interdisciplinary approach is rarely happen. However, this loose system generates a rather unique group of people, which is a part of the groups inside the circle that is forced to position themselves out of the system, and make their living from there. Consequently, this affects them to perform a different way of life and thus there will be some spatial implications involved.

Film is essential to be the media to bring up this issue, and observe the possibilities of architecture intervention in there, because it enables its viewers to perceive the subject matter profoundly and observe it from their point of view. To emphasise this film's purpose as a media of social and pedagogical reflections, it is divided into two parts. The first part is focusing on a social problem that contain severe disconnections in Indonesia, while the second part is a collections of phases and samples of work from architecture design process that is uncommon in Indonesia. I hope that those collections could enrich the architecture education in Indonesia and serve as a methods augmentation for architecture students in response to the social problems that occur.

Part 1

Part 2

Design report