Personal essay


Design Methodologies Essay

I read Jade's essay.
I thought You might be interested in Peter Zumthor's works as well.
Especially, 'Thermal Bath.
Its wall is made of piled stones quarried from the region.(looks like concrete wall though)
Each stone is amazingly placed precisely.
Without enourmous effort by workers from the region,
the building would never be built successfully.

Throught the building, visitors can feel the region's characteristic and culture
which are represented on the building, furthermore, they are conencting to
people who are living there.

His attitude to material in this building might require coworkers to change their
ordinal technique for the material, stone.
As by-product or not, his require introduced different expression of stone.
His idea is akin to industrial designer or furniture designer, i guess.

Personally, I think CCTV is successful in terms of political symbol.

Architecture is closely related to the social background. I think CCTV in China is an architectural reflection of the social demand that a good design to reflect the high development in China. It did not reflect culture, history and politics. It just fulfill that design competition and give china a amazing architecture with high tech, different design culture import and high invest. After this successful architectural show, what china has is empty of culture or a new way of architecture.