Our kitchen is the heart of the website. As inseparable as a kitchen is from a house, Design Methodologies is the core module of our course.
"The module consists of lectures seminars and workshops. Lectures: these will deliver the core knowledge required for the unit, including an overview of design precedents and methodologies. Seminars: these will be based on critical readings of key texts and related visual material in order to develop the students’ own approach to design and an analytical understanding of the issues. Workshops: These will be used to develop innovative and experimental approaches to design based on relevant case studies of design development. These will be conducted in groups to encourage team working and role playing. Learning materials will be developed online through the ARC 6989 module web site."

This module acts as a place where all us gather together. In here we each try to be as reflective as possible on issues arising from teaching agendas of our different studios and/or our own design development approach. Alongside this, we attend weekly seminars and workshops about multiple design approaches and precedents. The Design Methodologies module is divided into three stages; Site, Response and Make. These divisions are not meant to be a limiting boundary for each process, but rather seen as a way for us as architecture students to be very critical about our design process.




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