Studio Intro:

Studio 5 : Shared Ground

"Studio 5 uses elements of art practice to inform and extend architectural processes and proposals.
This year Studio 5 will explore the relationship between art and architecture, looking at historical and contemporary precedents and tracking the degrees of intimacy between the two. The critical knowledge gained from this process will then be applied to architectural design proposals which learn from, adapt and infect art practice. Our site will be the River Thames from its source at Thameshead to its estuary at Southend-on-Sea. The influence of art practice will provide ways in which the narratives, mysteries and desires of the river and of the people who use it can be recognised and transformed into rich, potent architectures. "

Studio members

Field Trip along the River Thames

Origami as one kind of paper art can be applied into different scales of architectural approaches such as urban strategy, landscape, architecture and furniture, which will create a vast extent of field to get people participated and stimulate them to appreciate their emotional feelings after the experience.

Making movie

With the idea of paper boat event, I started to design a platform between river and bank which can be used for paper boat lunching.
To adapt with different bank boundaries, a participative construction which could allow the participants to build according to their need was designed.
It is my first attempt to thing about making while designing, to consider the transformable structure of building which is similar the material characteristic of paper.

Origami Reference

Origami Festival

Exploring and Making

In architecture, light is a media connected human with nature. When folding paper, we not only fold the structure but also fold the space as well as light.
The folder learnt from origami which can be used as structure.
When folding in different angles, all the elements such as light, space and, appearance changed, which could create a diversity of architectural form. This form is participative, attractive, and could guide visitors experience in the building naturally.

Considering the physical and social influence of the site, propose an origami-formed shape which is a combination of architecture and landscape. Not only learn from origami in appearance but also in ┬Člighting and structural strategy.
There are a lot of paper art elements in this origami centre, such as roof, handrail, path and so on, which allow visitors to have an special experience in the destination of Origami Festival, got their emotion involved.

Portfolio Examples