The Illusion and the Reality: Computer Aided Design in Architecture Design

In our daily work of design, computers are used to produce models, montages, renderings of the project. The importance of computer is very obvious, as the designs are more clear and visualised than before. When we are building a model of the building in 3D Max, it gives us an illusion that we are actually building the building in an illusional world. The difference between the rendering and the built building is reduced continually as the software is getting more professional. The paper designs are more close to the actual buildings nowadays. To research the difference between the architecture in the software and the reality might be very interesting. The difference between our imagined effect and the actual effect might be varied. There are also big gaps between the well designed sustainable environments and the actually high maintain costs. Lots of effort is used to design the buildings in a more sustainable way with the help of computers, but the outcome seems a little depressing. As the well designed modern building waste more energy than the old buildings built in a time without computers. The desire and the reality are very different even in our time, with so many help from the computers and software.