Personal Design Methodolgy Statement: Site, Response, Make

Site: Data Collecting
To me, the site is the starting point of the design, the definition of site is not only the physical appearance of the location of the design. The background information of the site are also part of this starting point. The past of the site, the story of the site, the emotion links to the site, the future of the site are all factors that had influence to the decision making of the architects. The architects need to decide which is the main character of the site, and concentrate on it in the rest of the design process. There are different scale of understanding a site in our globalized world, the S size of the site might be considering the site in local community; the M size of the site might be considering the site in urban scale, the L size of the site might be considering the site in national scale. Then the XL size of the site in global scale. My preference is to research the site completely at the beginning of a project, and the designing would start to provoke after the site became part of my everyday life.

Response: Understanding the Problems
As Louis Kahn stated: the brick talk to me, put me in that way, the concrete speak to me, make me to that shape. The site speak to architects in some kind of ways. After I finished the analyse and research of the site, I often came with some idea that what the design could be. The final appearance continue to speak to me after I review the research of the site. The research report of the site became the site then, so it's very important to analyse the site correctly at the beginning of the design process. You could find a main problem to solve for your design. There could be different ways of response to this problem, I'd like to discuss these ways of response with my tutor and colleagues, and decide which one is the most suitable responce to the problem. And I will ask myself: “Is it the best responce” before I start making.

Make: Solving several Problems

The final stage of the design is the making process. After you finished the research of the site, and decide what is your response to the main problem of the design, you need to start making the appearance of the project. Lots of factors had influence on your making: the understanding of the site, the attitude towards the problems, your education experence, the personal preference, the fashionable style of the time. There could be different ways of making, you need to make the decision in a complicated world. Once I make the decision, I will develop the project from general to detail following the original response to the site. The whole process of making a design should be lead by one idea once you decide which one it is.