The village of Foxholes is a small village located between Driffield and Scarborough. The village is heavily entrenched within agricultural land with residental steets dispersed off the main road. The village contains no permanent public services; those that are currently available to the villagers are only through external businesses coming into the village on a weekly basis.

History of the Hall

The existing village hall is transformed from a school 30 years ago. A proposals for a ‘log
cabin’ style new hall had been made 3 years ago. Because the Village hall is to be found in a poor state, with the windows and roof offering little protection against the elements. The villagers now want to investigate a more sustainable route to building a new village hall.

Requirements of New Hall

• The commitee is very keen for it to be ‘green’, main reasons
for this are to reduce heating and running costs, also the
potential funding this may result in. The ‘green’ credentials of
the log cabin are the reason for such a construction choice
• Maintenance costs must be minimal and wiling to look at
solar, ground source, wind etc to achieve this.
• Facilities for passing coach trips
• Coffee shop, all be it open part time
• Catering facilities, a number of the members of the village
already have the required certificates.
• Facilities for kids
• Facilities for weddings
• Toilets
• Potential plug in for mobile services visiting the village
• An Elderly Playground.