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We are eight postgraduate architecture students from the University of Sheffield. We are studying a Masters in Architectural Design (MAad). Derong, Ivan, Jade, Kristanti, Laura, Maggie, Matthew and Osamu, all come from different parts of the world. Our website shows our studying experiences and records our educational process throughout the year.

For more details about the course please check this page.

What is in this website?
This website is built like a house, with various rooms that contain records of our work.

Kitchen—Our kitchen is the heart of the website. In here we put recordings from the studio and workshops based on design methodologies. The kitchen is divided into three parts. These are SITE, RESPONSE and MAKE. In SITE we will put collections of site survey findings, personal observations and workshops. In RESPONSE we will show how we will choose to react as architecture students to the sites and issues within our own studio. Finally in MAKE we will gather our decisions and attempt to create an architectural framework in response to what we choose our role to be.

Library— Library is where we put collection of references; lists of e-books, books, journals, videos and examples of architecture that might be relevant to our design process. These references are sorted out into cateogories such as architectural theory, materiality, technology and sustainability.

Living room— Living room is intended to be our communal space where we share our ideas and observations, and discuss different projects and assignments. This will also be a place for collections of our work for Thesis Design Project.

Bedrooms— Bedrooms are our personal spaces. We each have our own room where we explain a bit about our personal background and share our personal interests. We will also put our individual processes and samples of work from our studios, Work from option modules, technology, management and our Live Projects will also be included.

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