Statement of Design Methodologies:

Rethink the process of my design, the three part ------site , responce, make help me understand the site,find the design programme, shape the brief and then develope into design.
I first use taking photoes, interview people, research into history to the site,by doing this , I seize the character of the site which is different from other places. In my experience, the first time you go to site, you will get direct impression, after a few times go to site, you can get deeper knowing about it. My site survey created a field of images, sounds and storys which describe me the site.
My responce is more about sort out the stuff and critical thinking about how can they be used.I think my derive in London Thames is a travel of urban life, from the Situationism theory, the fragments of peoples experience in the city compose the real city, as far as my site concerned, I want to make people aware of the fragments of urban life, so my responce is to clear up the sounds,images and storys collected from site, abstract it, consider the role of my design as a mediator of the urban information.
Make is a practical process, it put the ideas of reponce into reality, materilize the concept.My making used materials which can reflect the characters of site as well as an attitude to the site, and I also found the way you make will influence the work of making.Make is a interesting process, no matter it is drawing or model or any other things, it should contain the infarmation from responce, not just
simply making.