Derong's Room

Personal Intro:
Derong Kong, China.
Undergraduate: BA Arch @ Chongqing University, 2007
Postgraduate:University of Sheffield, Landscape Research MA , 2008.
Professional Work Experience: 2006-2007

Live Project: 07 Lansdowne
Studio: 05 Shared Ground

Favorite Architect/Designer:Frank Lloyd Wright.TADAO ANDO.

Main Interest in Architecture: Particularly interested to explore the issues about the contemporary city and the role of the interactional relationship, participation, culture, urban environment, politics and economy in architectural, urban design and practice. Based on architectural theory, human geography, political economics, and through the methodology study of quantitative research methods and qualitative research methods to explore the complex relationships between different elements in the architectural theory, urban design and professional practice.

Other Interests: history, sport

Course Modules

ARC 6988 Thesis Design Project / Summer Project

ARC 552 Live Project: 07 Lansdowne

ARC 6986/7 Studio: 05 Shared Ground

ARC 6989 Design Methodologies

ARC 553 Theory + Research

ARC 554 Environment + Technology

ARC 555 Management + Practice

ARC 6750 Computer-Aided Architectural Design