Design Methodolgies Statement:

From my view in the design of architecture, the study of site should much more combine with the interactional relationship between variational elements. Especially in the urban area the site are close connect with around area both from physical and social environment.
The site in the urban area as a joint of different contexts represents the urban experience and images in its particular way, such as the London and Beijing although they are full of modern building, but we still can identify them from their daily life.

When I design a building in the urban area, this behavior is like when I throw a scree into the river, both I and scree would have response from river such as sound, water reaction. It would have much more complex, invisible and unpredictable response from the urban area, this is the reaction from the site context.
For example many buildings in Sheffield city center were been abandoned, this the response from the site which decided by context occur at this site. The context of this site can not support the function of the building.

Make is an attitude to the site and response, I think it is much more rely on your own perspective of design strategy. All I have said above is about site and response, they are composed by context and reaction with context. So make as implement of your design strategy is mainly base on how to deal with the context at site.
Design method and skill is to make sure your design strategy would be true and sustainable. The dynamic balance of context in site is the make should obey. Make is tried to make the design be a flourishing system to reorganize the context or adapt to the context.