Maggie's Room

Personal Intro:
Sun Siyao (Maggie), China.
Undergraduate: BA Arch at Beijing University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, 2006
Professional Work Experience: work at Beijing Institute of Architecture design 2006-2008

Live Project: 04 Foxholes village Hall
Studio: 05 Shared Ground

Favorite Architect/Designer: Jean Nouvel
Main Interest in Architecture: Particularly interested in the relationship between architecture and people's behavior and experience in life
Course Modules

Arc 552 Live Project: 04 Foxholes Village Hall

Arc 6986/7 Studio: 05 Shared Ground

ARC 6989 Design Methodologies

ARC 553 Theory + Research

ARC 554 Environment+Technology

ARC 555 Management + Practice

ARC 570 Reflections on Architecture Practice